Jazz Band


Jazz Band is an auditioned group that performs all over the Dayton Area.

Students wishing to join the Jazz Band will be asked to audition in November to determine placement. A variety of instrument types are welcome and a sign up sheet will be placed in the band room for auditions.

The Jazz Band performs throughout the winter months and into the Spring. Students are asked to make a long term committment to their time in Jazz Band.


Students in 7th Grade to 12th grade may audition for one of the spots in Jazz Band. Music auditions will be held in November in the band room. If you are wanting to audition for more than 1 instrument, please sign up for 2 time slots.

Final placements will be posted in the band room after auditions.


It is my goal to allow everyone who auditions to join the ensemble. I will do everything I can to allow everyone to participate but there is a chance that not everyone will be able to join.

Once placements are posted, they are final. The only changes would be due to someone revoking their audition after getting placed. If you decide to do this, you are not only hurting the success of the band, but you are hurting your chance to grow as a musician.

I will not place you on an instrument where you might fail and get discouraged. If you are not in agreement with the placement, please schedule a meeting with me so we can discuss the reasoning behind the placement.

- Mr. Greg Sell

Performance Schedule

Rehearsal Schedule

The director will be giving students the rehearsal schedule as the season progresses. The students will be responsible for keeping up with their rehearsal schedule.

Expectations for Rehearsal

It is expected that you are at every rehearsal that is scheduled. I do understand that things come up but this group cannot be successful if we are missing people during rehearsal. If you have to miss a rehearsal, please notify me in advance (3 days) by telephone. If it is an emergency, I completely understand. Work is not an excuse for missing rehearsal. You will be given a calendar of all dates at our first full rehearsal. You must be on time and be ready to start working right away. While at rehearsal, I need you to be focused on what we are doing. There will be times, during breaks, to socialize with everyone but when we are working on the show, we must be only worried about that.

We will be using a variety of papework sent home via the student to the parents. Please check in with your student for any Jazz Band Communication and their performance schedule. We expect students to keep on top of this communication.


To help keep our fees fairly low, compared to most groups, we are going to be doing fundraisers. Information sheets for each fundraiser will be given out once each fundraiser has been verified.



The fees will be used for purchasing the uniform shirt for this season for you to wear at performances. Funds will be collected at rehearsals. After this season, you will have the opportunity to keep your shirt for next season. If you lose your shirt, you will have to purchase another one next season. You will be asked to provide your own pair of black pants, black socks, and all black shoes. We will all look uniform and professional at every show.