The Xenia High School Symphonic Band is an elite audition only band comprised 9th-12th graders

The Symphonic Band is one of two concert bands in the Xenia Community High School band program. The Symphonic Band meets during 8th period and is made up of students from all grade levels. The Symphonic Band focuses on refining instrument playing skills and performing quality musical literature of a higher difficulty level.

The Symphonic Band performs at many concerts throughout the school year, and during the month of January, these students can participate in Solo and Ensemble regionals through the Ohio Music Education Association.

Students wishing to join the Symphonic band will audition near the end of the school year for next years school term.


What class should my student enroll in?

In the short term, incoming freshmen should enroll in Concert Band. Following auditions, we will sort out where students will end up.


All new students are asked to audition for the directors in late May or early June. The audition materials and information will be posted as a link below. The audition DOES NOT determine whether or not students can participate in our ensembles. It does, however, give us a chance to listen to the student play and place them in the concert ensemble that best matches their current ability level.


Separate placement auditions also take place for the marching band battery (drumline) and front ensemble in June. Please look for materials to prepare for this.


Is Marching Band Required? Do I get P.E. Credit?

Marching Band is NOT required for any students. However, we recommend that all freshman wind players and percussionists do at least one year of Marching Band, as we find that students make lots of powerful friendships in this ensemble and generally feel more engaged and attached to the Music Program.


If you choose to be in the marching band, it does count for one semester of P.E. credit. As such, it opens one period in your schedule that you can use for an additional elective like a world language.


I'm worried about my student not having enough room for their non-music classes

Don’t worry; we have good news!


If your student wants to take the required co-requisite concert ensemble, they can still fit all required non-music classes in their schedule!.


Jazz Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Winter Guard and Winter Indoor Percussion are both offered outside of the standard 8 period school day.


Additional questions?

We are well aware that our course offerings on top of the transition to high school can be intimidating! If you’re unsure of any aspect of Xenia High School Instrumental Music or if you have ANY questions, please email Mr. Lewis or call the high school. The directors are happy to sort out any questions you may have, including (but not limited to) scheduling, or credits.


Students wishing to audition for the Xenia High School Symphonic Band must prepare the 'Theme' and prepare one of the four variations for your instrument to be considered for placement. Auditions will be held annually in the month of April. Please contact Mr. Lewis with any questions.

Directed by: David Lewis