Xenia Marching Band


The Xenia Marching Buccaneers is one of the several performing groups at Xenia High School. Every year the Marching Buccaneers perform before several thousand people at Xenia High School football games, various festivals across the Miami Valley, parades, and other local events. The Xenia Marching Buccaneers refer to all band personnel, color guard, and drum majors.



Students entering 8th grade through 12th grade are welcome to join the Marching Buccaneers. Our students are committed to excellence, hard work, and community regardless of their age or grade level.


The XMB consists of four amazing directors. Mr. David Lewis, lead director, is the Band Director at Xenia High School. He is accompanied by Assistant Director Mr. Greg Sell. Our drumline is led by Mr. Jeff Blair. The color guard is directed by Ms. Monique Satchel.

Our directors care about the success of the students and work together to ensure that their experience is cohesive and cooperative. Each has their own individual strengths and brings something unique to the students.


The success of the students and every single performance relies on the help, cooperation, and participation of the parents. You are as much a part of the band as your students are. We rely on parents for morale, volunteerism, and community building. The more you’re involved as a parent, the more your child will get out of being a member



The marching band season begins withrehearsals and (2) week-long Band Camp intensives in July. The season ends following the last football game in October with a final awards banquet. Our season's end fluctuates with the success of the football team.


The XMB performs at a variety of local events across the Miami Valley. Each type of event is designed to expose the students to a variety of musical experiences.


We play for every home and away game of the Xenia High School Buccaneers. They play at a variety of schools across the Miami Valley on Friday evenings throughout the fall months. Students will need transportation to the home field on game nights. Bus transportation will be provided for away games.


Marching Band Festivals are one of the most enjoyable ways for the students to perform, get exposed to other local bands, and hear a variety of music styles. We travel to a variety of festivals throughout the Miami Valley. Festivals range from full day events to evening events. Students love meeting other bands, seeing their performances, and observing their styles. An award is offered at each festival and is proudly displayed in our awards cabinet. Xenia will host its own festival this year in September.

Community Events

Being a positive and present part of the Xenia community is an important part of the XMB experience. The band performs at local events like elementary school events, pep rallies, teacher convocations, and more.



In any successful large group activity, the individual must make sacrifices for the good of the group. While balancing individual freedom with group responsibility is difficult, the most important element must be the whole of the group. The success of the XMB depends on individual sacrifice and responsibility. We adopt the attitude that “we are in an individual group, NOT a group of individuals. We are also not a group of individual groups.”


Parents and students must commit to high levels of communication. It is your responsibility to work directly with the directors and the boosters to communicate needs, conflicts, illnesses, and any issues. Never be afraid to get your questions answered or to contribute constructive ideas through the proper channels.


We rely on parents and students to take full responsibility and agency over their participation. This means you are cooperating with schedules, call times, uniform requirements, instrument needs, and more. Your cooperation creates a seamless experience for all involved students and parents.


We love great performances but the community and camaraderie students will build throughout their marching band experience will be the memories that last forever. We strive to create a loving, accepting, and community-first approach in XMB.


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